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Discover the top insurance trends marketers can't ignore in 2021.

From a shifting preference towards usage-based car insurance policies to a large increase in demand for travel insurance protection, our eBook dives into five of the most relevant trends shaping the insurance industry in 2021 and beyond.

But we didn't stop there - our eBook also highlights the cutting-edge marketing data variables that will allow you to distinguish your messaging from the crowd in order to resonate with the ever-evolving modern consumer.

"We love digging into the data, & our team of researchers, psychologists, & data analysts saw an opportunity to examine current trends in the insurance industry to help brands capitalize in order to provide personalized experiences & coverage options based on their customers' needs."

- Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ

Want a sneak peak of what our eBook covers? Take a look!

As consumers start to travel again, how are they using travel insurance plans to ease their minds?

Has the demand for life insurance increased or remained steady throughout the COVID-19 pandemic?

How are different generations reacting to a shift in the traditional American Dream?

Predictive marketing data created specifically with insurance brands in mind.

With over 1,200+ accurate data points, we're able to identify the unique characteristics that help you understand a consumer's insurance needs - from those likely to purchase travel insurance to those likely to be in the market for life insurance and everyone in between. By leveraging our predictive and powerful data, you have the ability to maximize your marketing efforts and drive results.

We speak geek.

In this quick video, hear from our team of data scientists and PhDs to learn...

  • How our data helps clients build better models
  • The unique cognitive psychological research approach we deploy to answer "Why?"
  • How we partner up with clients to solve problems

Ready to revolutionize your marketing?

With our insurance-focused audiences, understanding the needs of consumers has never been more attainable.

As a team of data geeks, scientists and cognitive psychologists, we get pretty excited about the opportunity to help brands optimize their marketing and analytics with data they can't find anywhere else.

Curious to learn more about the insurance trends shaping the marketplace? Download our complete eBook here!