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Understanding major healthcare trends to improve patient outcomes.

From telemedicine to patient diversity, our HealthIQ Trend eBook provides unmatched insight into five major healthcare trends currently making an impact within the industry.

Not only do these trends provide healthcare marketers with a clear understanding into current needs to provide premium care and improve patient outcomes, but they also prove that privacy-compliant data is critical for better patient outcomes. Interested in exploring our HealthIQ Trends eBook? Download it below!

"Wanting to understand how to improve messaging for healthcare marketers, we set out to not only uncover insight into the top trends the healthcare industry is currently experiencing, but also provide the privacy-compliant data that will ultimately lead to better patient outcomes."

Scarlett Shipp
Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ

Interested in our HealthIQ Trends eBook? Here's a sneak peak!

Expanding and deepening medical, emotional, and cultural understanding is required to effectively serve a diverse community.

With predictive analytics, healthcare organizations have the power to play a game of offense rather than defense when it comes to patient health.

With shorter wait times and cost-effective options, telemedicine is here to stay and continually growing in popularity among patients.

Privacy-compliant data created specifically with healthcare organizations in mind.

With over 1,300+ accurate data points, we're able to identify the unique characteristics that help you understand a patient's health and wellness behaviors, motivations, and interests - from those likely to stay on top of their annual doctor appointments to those most likely to have unhealthy lifestyle habits and everyone in between. By leveraging our predictive, powerful, and privacy-compliant data, healthcare marketers have the ability to maximize marketing communication efforts & ultimately drive better patient outcomes.

We speak geek.

In this quick video, hear from our team of data scientists and PhDs to learn...

  • How our data helps clients build better models
  • The unique cognitive psychological research approach we deploy to answer "Why?"
  • How we partner up with clients to solve problems

Ready to revolutionize your marketing?

With our HealthIQ data elements, understanding the motivations, priorities, and needs of patients has never been more attainable.

As a team of data geeks, scientists and cognitive psychologists, we get pretty excited about the opportunity to help healthcare organizations optimize their marketing communication and analytics with privacy-compliant healthcare data you can't find anywhere else.

Ready to learn more about our comprehensive suite of HealthIQ data? Download our complete HealthIQ Product Sheet here!