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Navigate the Unique Wellness Lifecycles for all Individuals

When it comes to health & wellness, leveraging accurate audience personas powered by psychological research and thousands of rich data points isn't just a smart way to do business - it's the way to connect, communicate, and inspire people to take action and live their best possible life.

Our team of data scientists and cognitive psychologists are bringing you the consumer data you need to create thoughtful, effective communication strategies to target our new Health & Wellness Personas.


"A consumer's approach to health and wellness is just as unique as they are."

- Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ

We're the first data company to use psychology.

At AnalyticsIQ, we help you understand who people are and what people do. But we also give insight into why people make decisions. We're the first data company to employ full-time cognitive psychologists who are completely laser focused on helping you understand the motivations behind the choices people make. Understanding how consumers feel about their health and wellness - from enthusiastic to indifference and adherence to avoidance - can allow healthcare companies to understand what type of individual they are working with. More importantly, they are able to assess what type of care and attention their clients will need to develop or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The end result?

We identified four distinct Personas based on the relationship of an individual's adherence to health-focused behaviors and habits to an individual's enthusiasm for health-focused guidelines and best practices.

But we didn't stop there! We further segmented these four powerful personas into 48 total segments - based on gender and age - to paint a complete picture of the consumer lifecycle.

Our Personas are based upon the intersection of people's attitudes -enthusiasm vs. indifference - and actions - adherence vs. avoidance - towards their health & wellness.

Each Persona includes insight into these common questions...

  • What behaviors contribute to a healthy lifestyle?
  • What are the initial motivations behind health-related behaivors?
  • Why are some people healthy and others are not?

Ready to unlock these powerful insights?

Understanding the lifestyle and mentality of patients and consumers provides the insight needed for truly personalized marketing communications - and even an uptick in medical plan adherence!

From spending habits to BMI and decision motivations to medical utilization, our personas reveal all this and more across the entire male and female lifecycle.

Are you ready to learn more about our Health & Wellness Personas? Download our complete guide here!