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Connect with individuals who "walk the walk" when it comes to going 'green'.

Did you know that while nearly 75% of consumers express interest in eco-friendly products, very few consistently follow through with 'green' purchases?

Our team of data scientists and cognitive psychologists set out to identify the gap between intentions and purchase behaviors to help 'green' brands reach shoppers who vote with their wallet. Download our guide to learn more.

"Sustainable Living Spenders don't just express an interest in eco-friendly products... they follow through and put their money where their mouth is."

- Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ

We're the first data company to use psychology.

At AnalyticsIQ, we help you understand who people are and what people do. But we also give insight into why people make decisions. We're the first data company to employ full-time cognitive psychologists who are completely laser focused on helping you understand the motivations behind the choices people make. Gaining insight into how consumers approach eco-friendly purchases allows 'green' marketers to cut through the clutter and zero in on the individuals that are most likely to act upon their environmentally-conscious motivations.

The end result?

We identified four distinct Green Personas based on the intersection of an individual's belief in climate change and their level of cognitive flexibility.

While four unique personas took shape through our research process, the Sustainable Living Spenders are far and away the most likely group to not only express an interest in 'green' products, but also follow through with their intentions, making them the perfect target for sustainable brands.

Who are the Sustainable Living Spenders?

  • Primarily women - over 80%!
  • Annual income is nearly 40% higher than the national average.
  • Spend 23% more annually on discretionary items.
  • Most highly educated persona segment.

Ready to unlock these powerful insights?

Understanding the lifestyle and mentality of Sustainable Living Spenders provides invaluable insight needed for truly personalized 'green' marketing communications.

Are you ready to leverage this powerful data to optimize your eco-friendly marketing efforts? Whether you are looking to test data, build custom models, or target prospects across channels, AnalyticsIQ can be your partner.

Download our complete guide here!