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Unlock the top consumer finance trends shaping marketing in 2021 and beyond.

From credit card spending habits to digital contact-less payments, our eBook digs into six of the most powerful consumer financial trends happening in the world right now.

We layer on AnalyticsIQ data to help you understand how these shifts in consumer behaviors will flip the script on marketing and product plans.

The eBook takes things one step further and highlights the cutting edge marketing data variables available today that can help you capture opportunities to grow your brand and resonate with the modern consumer.

"As curious researchers ourselves, our team decided to examine and analyze six of the biggest financial trends to help your organization answer critical questions going into 2021 and beyond."

- Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ

Want a sneak peak of what our ebook covers? Take a look!

Are cashless transactions here to stay or just a fad?

How do men and women's investment strategies vary?

Do heavy credit card users really spend more money?

Find out in our Finance Trends eBook!

FinanceIQ: The marketing data that brands can't go without

With over 80 FinanceIQ data variables, we identify every type of consumer in the financial marketplace today - from cryptocurrency users to high-profile investors. Our predictive and powerful data can maximize your marketing efforts. We know...

  • Financial Personalities - What are people's goals and motivations? Save? Plan? Spend on a whim?
  • Financial Lifestyle - We cover everything from income to net worth to credit card usage.
  • Investment Styles - Are people making money work for them in things like real estate, stocks, or life insurance?

We speak geek.

In this quick video, hear from our team of data scientists and PHDs to learn...

  • How our data helps clients build better models
  • The unique cognitive psychological research approach we deploy to answer "Why?"
  • How we partner up with clients to solve problems

Ready to revolutionize your marketing?

With FinanceIQ, launching omni-channel marketing campaigns that reach people who are ready and willing to spend on what you have to offer is now possible.

As a team of data geeks, scientists and cognitive psychologists, we get pretty excited about the opportunity to help brands optimize their marketing and analytics with data that they can't find anywhere else.

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