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Capitalize on today's auto trends using proprietary data.

Curious what trends are shaping the auto marketplace?

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"The individual behind the wheel is as unique as the vehicle they drive."

- Scarlett Shipp, Chief Product Officer at AnalyticsIQ

AutoIQ has the insights you need to capitalize on these current marketplace trends:

Electric vehicle interest has been increasing for years, but saw an overnight spike due to COVID-19 concerns.

Return of the Hatchback: Gen Z consumers are driving the rage for these versatile models of the past.

Purchasing a car from the comfort of your own home has never been more appealing: Online car services are booming.

And more!

The end result?

With over 60 AutoIQ data variables, we identify every type of auto consumer in the marketplace today. Our predictive and powerful data can maximize your marketing's mileage.

  • We know what's in their garage.
  • We know who is in-market and what they're seeking
  • We know what motivates their buying decision.

If you want to launch perfectly timed, insanely efficient campaigns that reach ready buyers, AutoIQ is your answer.

AutoIQ answers your biggest marketing questions, such as:

  • Of 30 leading brands, what make is a consumer likely be in-the-market to purchase?
  • From coupes to minivans, what vehicle type does an individual prefer?
  • What motivates the car shopper's purchase decision? Safety, value or image?
  • How well does an individual maintain their current car? Is it well-loved or fixer upper?

Unlock fresh auto audiences today.

Auto marketers, start your engines! With AutoIQ data, you can put the pedal to the metal on your omni-channel marketing.

Okay, we promise to lay off the puns. But we can't help it. As a team of data geeks, scientists and cognitive psychologists, we get pretty excited about the opportunity to help automotive brands fuel their marketing and analytics with data that they can't find anywhere else.

Are you ready to learn more about our 60+ AutoIQ audiences? Download our complete product sheet here!